Marvel’s Spider-Man: upgrade for PS5? Screenshots trigger the rumor, but there is uncertainty

Waiting for the event dedicated to PlayStation 5, scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, September 16, the community is in turmoil, curious to learn new details about Sony’s plans for the immediate future.

In this climate, it takes very little to light a spark and unleash a bonfire rumor, ready to ignite discussions between fans. Particularly active in this situation is certainly the community of ResetEra, with the users of the forum always attentive on the front of the reports of unusual sightings.

In these hours, in particular, some screenshot published by Insomniac Games attracted the attention of the public. As you can verify at the bottom of this news, the images portray some scenes from Marvel’s Spider-Man, but to intrigue the public is a small detail, that is the presence on them of a copyright Marvel dated 2020. The wording has prompted some users to hypothesize that the snapshots represent a clue to a possible upgrade of Marvel’s Spider-Man, ahead of a version PlayStation 5 of the appreciated exclusivity.

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In truth, although intriguing, the hypothesis seems at least risky: as you can always verify at the bottom, the Twitter account shared Other pictures of Marvel’s Spider-Man bearing this copyright throughout the year, with a wording that therefore seems to be simply linked to the period of publication. And so pretty tough interpret this sighting as a clue, but, after all, traveling with the imagination costs nothing: would you like to see Marvel’s Spider-Man optimized for PlayStation 5?

We remind you that Everyeye will follow the PS5 event live starting from 11:00 on Wednesday 16 September, with a long marathon full of guests. We are waiting for you, obviously on the Everyeye Twitch Channel!


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