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 Marvel’s Avengers will have different alternative finals

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Image of the Avengers video game (2020)

The developer Crystal Dynamics offers new details of the expected title “Marvel’s Avengers” which will arrive next year for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. The last revelation they have given is that the title will have different endings, although the entire previous part of the game will be fixed (or common) for everyone. It is understood that at some point there will be one or several decisions that will have to be made, and that will mark which end of the game we will see.

The person responsible for the study, Scot Amos, he has made the revelation without clarifying too much how they will work or how they will be activated, or if even if we are able to explore all those endings.

Yes, there will be, although I can't reveal much about it, ”Amos said when asked about the multiple endings. The story will have fixed points – initial and intermediate – but otherwise…. there will be alternative endings, yes. And in any case, the credits will not be the end: the contents that we will publish in the months following the launch will continue to expand the experience.

We must also give importance to that final comment that once we pass the campaign mode, the game will remain playable. We do not know if we will talk about a free world, as with GTA or Red Dead Redemption games, or if they will only allow us to replay the levels that we have already passed, being there especially interesting all those contents that launch in later months.

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