Marvel's Avengers: many new details on gameplay, modes and post-launch events

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Coinciding with a Question and Answer session held on Reddit after the last Marvel's Avengers War Table, the authors of Crystal Dynamics offered important explanations on the content, methods and post-launch support of their next blockbuster crossgen branded Square Enix.

The AMA session held in the company of the Reddit community allowed the Californian software house to specify that the Marvel's Avengers Raid Missions they will not be available at launch but will be integrated into the playful offer of the title at a later time, with the rich update program already planned starting from the period immediately following the release in stores.

For this reason too, Crystal Dynamics underlines how the additional characters will not only be inserted in the ecosystem of content already present but will expand the plot and the overall offer through special missions and original activities. The intention of the American developers of organize "themed" events for each of the Avengers present in the title, also here with unpublished activities to be carried out on a weekly or monthly basis.

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Of particular interest is the detail on the timing of the different types of missions to be addressed: according to the Californian authors, they will serve about 10 minutes to complete a Drop Zone, between 10 and 30 minutes to conclude a War Zone mission e over 2 hours to complete a Raid.

Among the other points touched by Crystal Dynamics, we mention finally the uniqueness of customizations and equipment for each hero and the need, for those who want to immerse themselves in the atmospheres of the main campaign of Marvel's Avengers in complete solitude, to interpret each Avenger to increase its relative level.

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