Marvel’s Avengers and the God of Thunder: origins, history and powers of Thor in video!

With the Marvel’s Avengers Beta now available, the journey of the Everyeya editorial team continues to discover the origins and the most interesting background linked to the playable characters present in the Crystal Dynamics game.

After presenting the story of Black Widow, we propose a new video, this time entirely dedicated to the figure of Thor. The comic book incarnation of God of Thunder sees its origins inextricably linked to the editorial path of Hulk. In an attempt to overcome the powers available to Bruce Banner’s angry alter ego, Stan Lee in fact, he decided to draw heavily from Norse mythology and field a real divinity.

Originally from Asgard, just like in tradition, Thor is the son of Odino and of Gea, deity depicting the earthly spirit. The blond god, destined in the future to become a member of the Avengers, will grow into a mighty warrior, whose soul will make him worthy to wield the Mjolnir, legendary Asgardian weapon. But what was the evolution that led Odin’s son to make contact with the Earth and to become part of the team of Avengers? For all the details, we refer you to the vision of ours video dedicated: you can find it directly at the opening of this news, or, alternatively, on the Everyeye YouTube Channel. Good vision!

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In closing, we point out that on our pages you will find all the details on the Marvel’s Avengers Open Beta.


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