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         Marvel signs one of the creators of 'The Umbrella Academy' to develop the series of 'Moon Knight' at Disney +

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Marvel You have already found the script writer who is going to develop 'Moon Knight', the superhero series Moon Knight what will we see in Disney +. The chosen one is Jeremy Slater, one of the two creators of 'The Umbrella Academy', Netflix's adaptation of the comic Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá.

The series of 'Moon Knight' was confirmed by Marvel during the last D23 along with other television adaptations of the company's superheroes and many more projects. At first the possibility was rumored that Harington kit, Jon Snow of 'Game of Thrones', was to lead the cast, but finally the signing of the actor was to appear in 'The Eternals'.

The Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, appearing for the first time in the Marvel comics in 1975. Since then different versions of its origins have been told, but the most popular is probably that it is a schizophrenic who received his superhuman powers from the Egyptian god Khonshu.

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All Marvel series for Disney +


At the moment, Marvel has commissioned the following superhero series for Disney +: 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier', 'WandaVision', 'Loki', 'What if …?', 'Hawkeye', 'Ms. Marvel ',' She-Hulk 'and' Moon Knight '. Remember that Kevin Feige He announced that if we want to understand the future MCU films well, we will also have to watch these series …

Yes, Marvel fans will still have to be patient, since 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' ​​will not arrive until the end of 2020, which is scheduled to be released first of all.

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