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 Marvel Now! Deluxe Jason Aaron Thor, no. 2: The damn

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Marvel Now! Deluxe Jason Aaron Thor, no. 2: The damn

Original edition: Thor: God of Thunder, vol. 1, no. 13 to 25 USA
Departure date: October 2019.
Script: Jason Aaron.
He drew: Ron Garney, Emanuela Lupacchino, Das Pastoras, Esad Ribic, Agustin Alessio, RM Guéra and Simon Bisley
Format: Volume in hardcover, 312 pp. In color.
Price: € 32.00

The adventure against the Butcher of Gods was one of the most complicated and epic of the god of thunder, but he was not yet aware of the war that was to come, which would take years to complete and that would put all the worlds in an absolute check: The War of the Kingdoms. In this volume in Marvel Now! Deluxe we will see Malekith coming out of the prison hole where he was held captive to lead the dark elves towards a new revolution That will change everything for the known kingdoms. In addition, Thor will have to face the business villains of Dario Agger, who will seek to harm him in the depths of his heart while his ambition grows like weeds.

The story of this volume would begin with the dark elves rescuing Malekith from his prison and his desire to implement his plan. Having news of it, Thor would be willing to go alone, but Freyja would order the legion of the kingdoms to accompany him to keep the council happy. With this new group, Thor would follow Malekith's footsteps through different passages and kingdoms obtaining new friends, but innumerable failures, being the greatest of them when Malekith appeared before the Council. After a little story of a young Thor, Jason Aaron We would intersperse the plot of the Thor of the future and the present in which the former sought to defend the Earth at all costs from the Devourer of Worlds while the Thor of the present sought to stop the feet of Dario Agger, who wanted to harm the god of thunder by ending Broxton and depleting resources from a good facade that would make him untouchable for our protagonist, at least by legal means.

Marvel Now! Deluxe Jason Aaron Thor, no. 2: The damn one. Sample pageIn general, we are facing a clear epic volume in which we can see from the first pages as a small adventure to hunt a dark elf would end in a war that everyone would fear to be fought. In addition, Jason Aaron is not afraid to talk about more environmental aspects as he tells us about the future of the world and what the Thor that we all know will hold, with several years on. Now, speaking in more detail about some aspects of this volume, The first part of Malekith's escape from his prison – which would be the fuse of the War of the Realms we have read today – is simply fantastic, with an action and intrigue that motivates reading as the league of kingdoms formed by the Council will be able to stop the Damned or if they can do so without suffering many important casualties. Such is the great performance of Jason Aaron during this story that, when the second part of the volume begins, a small downturn begins to be noticed shortly after changing the target to a "human" enemy that does not stop putting legal problems to the god of thunder while seeking to do as much damage as possible, either with the use of trolls or lawyers. Although this second story does not reach the same level as the previous one – and more so if a reader comes from reading The War of the Realms -, yes it is true that the quality of it is highly remarkable and puts Thor in an environment completely away from his most characteristic. However, the best of this second and last part would come with the tales of King Thor and his daughters the goddesses of thunder who must face a hungry Galactus and the immediate consequences of Original sin, which would lead us to one of the best stages and a brilliant character: The goddess of thunder.

Marvel Now! Deluxe Jason Aaron Thor, no. 2: The damn one. Sample pageAs for the characters, this volume offers various aspects of Thor that show us a more complete and profound version of the character, from the warmest to the most ecological and compassionate. When it comes to his battle against Malekith, Thor is desperate to win a victory and the instability of his group, The league of the kingdomsIt does not help them to act more effectively on the battlefield, as many distrust the troll or the dark elf. However, the god of thunder is not a man who surrenders, so we will see him try to reduce hopes among the members of his group and be intelligent when he wants to trap the dark elf Malekith. On the other hand, the character shows a strong ecological character in front of Roz Solomon for how the Roxxon corporation is perverting and destroying everything he loved about the city of Broxton. After this, we can also see a young and inexperienced Thor who did not take his responsibilities very seriously and then see a King Thor, Father of All, whose wisdom surpasses even that of his father and refuses to believe that the old Midgar is dead, so she defends her cape and sword in front of threats and her daughters. On the other hand, Roz Solomon He is a strong and determined character who becomes one of Thor's pillars when it comes to stopping him from committing legal follies that would make things worse for him and Broxton. Now, after talking long and had about the protagonist and the side of this story, we will talk about the interesting and charismatic villains. Malekith is totally ruthless, cold and calculating in such a way that all his plans are well thought out so that in the long term they do as much damage as possible. However, something that also makes it shine – apart from its design – is how it executes each of its actions taking into account how dark elves are and how it can get out of the situation of being a “escape in search and capture”. By last, Dario Agger represents – in a certain way – the opposite of Malekith in the sense that he is not such a direct antagonist that marks wars from one moment to another, but is rather a villain who manages that all his actions are well seen by the public and the legality of the human world, which makes him an impossible enemy to depress for Thor if he does not want Midgard to turn against him, because Mr. Agger also has a good language of metaphorical silver that makes him speak well before the masses and convince them.

Marvel Now! Deluxe Jason Aaron Thor, no. 2: The damn one. Sample pageOn rhythm, if we look at the volume as a whole, we would be facing a rather balanced progress of events, going first with great speed and then going down the pace to leave the force more in the narrative than in the action and pain of wars.

About The edition, we find an excellent volume in hardcover and good binding that compiles from the number 13 USA to 25 USA of the first American volume of Thor: God of Thunder. Also, at the end of it, we can find a series of extras as alternative covers. If you are looking for story compilations in the best format, these Marvel NOW! Deluxe are a great option, even though the price is slightly high.

On an artistic level, this volume contains a large gallery of artists that usually remain during the plot arches They try and bring their vision of quality to the story that Jason Aaron wants to shape. Ron Garney brings a classic and modern superheroic touch to the great persecution of Malekith, the damned one, and thanks to the harrowing strength and certain details, he makes the first arc totally memorable and burns into our heads – and more so supposed! -. Instead, Das Pastoras delivers a totally different style of a story that is charming, but also knows how to give certain touches of violence and crudeness to certain situations that require it. Esad Ribic It takes another direction and gives us a style with more realistic and cold touches that fits very well with the theme that the scriptwriter seeks with this plot arc and that helps to impress more easily with the occasional vignette – which we will not reveal. By last, Agustin Elessior has a touch of the epic that is very exciting in its right measure.

In short, I think we are facing a compilation volume of the most fun if you enjoy the mythological adventures of Thor That touch interesting topics. Further, if you want to catch up and know what the origin of the War of the Kingdoms was or what the fuse was, here you will find your answer.

You can purchase “Marvel Now! Deluxe Jason Aaron Thor, no. 2: The damn one ” here.

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