Marvel, in the new series with Nick Fury there will be room for the Agents of SHIELD?

The Marvel television universe seems ready to step on the accelerator pedal, given that in addition to WandaVision, Loki, She-Hulk and the other announced productions, a new project with Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury seems to be in the works: will there be room for a return of the Agents of SHIELD?

The series about the mythical Marvel agents has come to an end with the seventh season, but with the new series of Fury the characters remained operational could come together under his command. A very plausible hypothesis, when we consider that the last few seasons of the series has seen agents busy with space missions of all kinds.

This ties in perfectly with the setting in which we left the SHIELD boss: the character appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Home, first in a fictitious way (since some villains had assumed his appearance) and then in flesh and blood, in a final cameo which saw him aboard a spaceship.

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Many believe that in that scene Fury was already at the head of the new organization called SWORD, also present in WandaVision and probably in other Marvel series. It is a military group based on comics, heir to the SHIELD and specialized in space missions. The accounts seem to be back, and some fans have already started calling out loud Daisy Johnson e Melinda May to join the new project.

What do you think? The time has really come for a series with the regular presence of Nick Fury in team con gli Agents? Tell us in the comments! Meanwhile, fans celebrated Agents of SHIELD’s birthday, which has reached its seventh year of age.


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