Marvel Comics: Thor undergoes a significant change thanks to Galactus

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2020 begins with big changes for the Thunder God of Marvel Comics. The author Jason Aaron has concluded – with the latest issues of King Thor – the main serialization of the character, which immediately restarted with a new run.

The series is now managed by Donny Cates regarding the script, while the artistic sector is curated by Nic Klein (drawings) and Matt Wilson (colors). The first release of the new year sees Thor adapt in his new role as father of Asgard, but he will soon have to leave that legacy to fill a different position.

Jason Aroon's run ended with Odin's choice to take leave of Asgard's leadership, to leave the throne to his son. Thor # 1 it shows, however, the restlessness of the protagonist in the first days of his new reign. That feeling seems to deplete his energies, since it is more difficult than expected to lift the Mjolnir.

His numbness is suddenly shaken by the crash of Galactus on Asgard. Thor's first instinct is to attack the World Devourer, but the latter has not come to consume the kingdom, he is escaping from something called "Black Winter".

Thus, Thor summons the Heralds of Galactus' s past to find out more about this threat. Silver Surfer informs him that Black Winter is what destroyed the universe who preceded them, Galan Taa, from which Galactus himself comes.

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Having been Galactus the only one to survive the corrosive action of the Black Winter, it constitutes the only hope of salvation for the reality of our heroes.

Then, Thor and the rest of the Heralds send Galactus on a mission to absorb the energy of some planets, specifically recommended by Silver Surfer. Their energy will further empower the World Eater, giving it a real chance to stop Black Winter.

Silver Surfer intends to guide Galatcus to the planets, but the planets have a different plan. His last encounter with Black Winter revealed that his death will be at the hands of Thor, therefore he plans to keep it under control.

Then use the Cosmic Power to transform Thor into the Herald of Thunder, even restoring the arm that had been severed during the trial.

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The Mjolnir hammer reveals Thor's massacre within the new series.

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