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 Marvel Comics compilation: new Ant-Man series, Guardians of the Galaxy final, Spider-Man delay …

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Marvel Comics Compilation: New Ant-Man Series

This week has been quiet by Marvel Comics, mainly highlighting the new Ant Man series. Even so, we have several more notable news such as Hickman's statements – and the trailers of his new series – or the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, so we begin!

New Ant-Man series

Several weeks ago, during the Comic Con in London, we saw the first images of the new Ant Man series. Now it has finally officially confirmed this series, and it has also been announced that it will be co-starring her daughter Cassie Lang, traditionally the character of Stature that will change from mantle to Wasp. The series promises to put the characters in front of a world conspiracy as they cross paths with the greatest superheroes of the Marvel Universe.

Scripted by Zeb Wells and drawn by Dylan Burnett, the number 1 Ant-Man will go on sale in February 2020 in the United States.

Cover of Ant-Man nº 1
Via information | ScreenRant

The end of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Donny Cates leaves the Guardians at number 12, and is the ideal occasion to bring together all the artists who have participated in the author's cosmic series. Cates has been planting plots in different series for several years (Thanos Vence, Death of the Inhumans, Silver Stele: Black …) and now they are all going to converge at a stage end that promises to be apotheosic. Thus, on December 18, we can enjoy his farewell by the hand of Ariel Olivetti (Death of the Inhumans), Dylan Burnett (Cosmic Ghost Biker), Geoff Shaw (Thanos Vence), and Tradd Moore (Silver Stele: Black). And to finish off the task, Juan Cabal, artist of the next volume with Al Ewing.

Get ready

Cover image of Guardians of the Galaxy # 12

Via information | Newsarama

Spider-Man # 3 and # 4 delay

The miniseries of JJ Abrams and his son Henry with Sara Picheli is a pleasant surprise for many, and it is a shame to have to wait even longer to be able to read it whole. They have announced that the number 3 has suffered a delay of six weeks, going from leaving next week to December 18. On the other hand, the number 4 has been directly delayed two whole months, dragging in turn to the 5 that was listed for January but, of course, it will not take long to be delayed.

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You will have to wait to see the conclusion of this saga.

Via information | Bleedingcool

New podcast series trailer

After the great success that was “Wolverine: The Long Night”Marvel has decided to try his luck again with the podcast series, this time starting from the Marvels base – the Busiek and Ross series. It will begin airing on November 20, 2019 in Stitcher Premium exclusively and throughout 2020 we can enjoy it on different platforms.

Information path | ComicBook

Jonathan Hickman's review of the previews

Jonathan Hickman is on the crest of the wave thanks to his mutant relaunch. Therefore, it is not surprising that lately it is in everyone's mouth and we have news from you every week, mainly statements made on Twitter or interviews. This week he talked about the current market and criticized the previews, in addition to saying that he will not answer anything about them because he thinks they should not be read.

I'm sorry, I can't answer any questions you have about the progress of an upcoming book. I think that advances should not exist and that you should not read them. So any response would have to wait until the books are published.

Of course, if I answered the questions, which is not true.

Via information | Bleedingcool

X-Men launch trailer

We close with the launch trailers of the new X-Men collections that have arrived in the United States these weeks, New Mutants # 1 and X-Force # 1

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