Marvel Comics, 80 years of wonders: the best comics to celebrate them

Years have passed since in 1939 the first Marvel Comics album was launched under the Timely Comics label. A particular journey, also dictated by the constant economic and corporate change caused by the inexhaustible human ambition, which made us reach 2020 with a Marvel, both editorial and cinematographic, at the top of global entertainment. Precisely for this reason commercial operations of this kind, and immediately we make a big applause to Panini Comics for the editions packaged in Italy, allow both accustomed and newbies of the House of Ideas to immerse themselves in a series of stories that, without make many turns of words, take the reader by the hand accompanying him in every era lived by Marvel.

From the glorious times to those of bankruptcy touched by a whisker, from internal problems to some decidedly eclectic behavior for some of the authors who have become legend. So how can 80 years of pure magic be enclosed within two albums? Simple, by consistently inserting the most salient and determined phases that finally led Disney to realize the potential (unexpressed in certain aspects) of the Marvel brand and, finally, to do it by giving life to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel heroes are symbols, something in which everyone can portray himself for ideal, attitude or even physiognomy. Everything else is legend.

Marvel: 80 Wonderful Years

The first volume that we are going to examine is also that, although they are both of a high level, which we highly recommend purchasing. Marvel: 80 Wonderful Years is the cure made in the register and we feel compelled to congratulate Fabio Licari and Marco Rizzo for making a "paper Wikipedia" stitched to perfection on the multifaceted body of the House of Ideas.

In this register there is everything, absolutely everything, the necessary to have the right and complete smattering of quality on everything that Marvel Comics has been and on which the protagonists have been protagonists of an editorial fable that, still today, makes you shine eyes for young and old. Do you love the brand thanks to the films of Marvel Studios? Well, know then that Marvel: 80 Wonderful is the right way to make you discover the genesis of your favorite superheroes that, we are sure, will make you even more love Captain America, Namor, Iron Man and singer company.

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The most significant peculiarity of this volume is that of retracing, decade after decade, each specific and symbolic aspect bringing to the attention of all fundamental periods: just to name one, the management of Kirby and Lee or the advent of Secret Wars, the first and unforgettable editorial crossover signed by Marvel Comics.

Marvel has grown hand in hand with the public that has always supported it arriving, right now, to an awareness that can be studied and criticized as a real ninth art. Reading Marvel: 80 Wonderful Years was like reading one of the most classic and hearing love letters.

The History of the Marvel Universe

The second and final book we are going to deal with is The History of the Marvel Universe. The volume, also published by Panini Comics Italia, was personally curated by Mark Weid and James Rodriguez and goes to retrace the history of the House of Ideas not through a glossary of information, as happened for Marvel: 80 Wonderful Years, but with a real comic book story.

The final product is a collector's item, with a simply perfect quality / price ratio, of fine workmanship since it will be possible to retrace some of the most salient phases of the intricate universe of the House of Ideas, with possible and interesting interpretative keys also useful for establishing future narrative schemes. There is everything to be satisfied and intrigued: "The history of the Marvel Universe" will also surprise many well-navigated fans given the presence of numerous and succulent unpublished details. Final mention to the artistic part of the book, a small editorial jewel that every Marvel enthusiast should have.


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