Mark Gurman doesn’t expect to “see anything extraordinary” at the Spring Loaded event

During an interview, the renowned Apple analyst and leaker Mark Gurman has commented that he does not expect to see “anything particularly innovative” or “extraordinary” at the Spring Loaded event to which Apple has invited us on April 20. In the event we should see the presentation of the new iPad Pro among other possible novelties.

An event that can still give us many surprises

Gurman says he expects to see the new iPad Pros, which he says are a “continuous upgrade” despite the rumored 12.9-inch iPad to be Apple’s first device to mount a mini-LED display. A substantial change that will bring the quality of the screen of the iPad closer to that of the iPhone and its OLED screens, and that will lay the foundations for the arrival of this technology to other devices of the apple brand.

Speaking about the iMac, of which we expect a fairly substantial renovation without a clear date, Gurman has commented that “If the iMac is the next to launch it will be a great event”. The truth is that we hope that the new iMac mark a new point in the Mac family. A complete redesign to resemble the Apple Pro Display XDR screens, larger sizes and mini-LED screens are some of the novelties that we could see arrive.

Between the launch possibilities we also find AirTags, which seems to have been ready for several months waiting for the launch and opening of the Search for other manufacturers network. Other products with no clear release date, such as a new Apple TV, seem unlikely candidates to appear in this presentation.

The iPhone 13 Pro will have bigger cameras and more battery, according to a new leak

The truth is that as much as we think we know, Apple may have more than one ace up its sleeve for this presentation. It would not be the first time that via a one more thing there are interesting surprises in a keynote. Fortunately, the wait will be short and next Tuesday the 20th we will have doubts.


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