Mario Kart Tour: the event dedicated to the celebrations for 2020 is coming soon

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Nintendo announced with a trailer the new event of Mario Kart Tour dedicated to the celebrations for the arrival of the new year. 2020 will open with new drivers, new karts and many special decorations for the tracks.

The event will start on January 1st 2020 and will last for two weeks, until January 14th. For the occasion, the slopes Tokyo Blur it will be decorated with a theme and four new pilots will be introduced. As seen from the trailer, Mario wears the sash and the Happi dress Super Mario Odyssey (both traditional festival outfits). Toad instead wears a funny dress with hat, tie and a special mask reminiscent of Mario's mustache and nose. In addition to these characters, a Koopa in gold version and a Yoshi in red colors will join the roster.

This is the fourth thematic event which introduces new characters and new clothes in Mario Kart Tour. For the Christmas event, Santa Mario, Santa Daisy, Pauline in festive clothes and a Yoshi in reindeer version have been added. Among the dedicated tracks, New York Minute has been decorated with Christmas decorations. Meanwhile, the multiplayer beta in Mario Kart Tour has started.

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