Mario Golf: Super Rush will be on sale on Nintendo Switch on June 26

Dust off the cart and the sticks for a game of Mario Golf: Super Rush, the latest installment in the series Mario Golf for Nintendo Switch! Join your favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom on circuits full of lush nature. The game will arrive on June 26th.

Enjoy the game using the buttons or with the motion controls, holding the Joy-Con like a golf club. As in real life, you will have to study the wind and the terrain, although you have some useful functions that will help you make the perfect launch. Take advantage of the stroke meter, which shows how the ball will bend due to terrain elevations, and the scanner, which allows you to examine the terrain of the course!

New features include fast golf. In this mode, everyone shoots at the same time and you have to run around the circuit to reach your ball. You will have to hit it again to bring it closer to the hole and keep moving forward. Leave your opponents behind and claim victory! Your golf skills are not the only elements to consider: also use races and special shots to defeat the competition.

In story mode, your Mii character will start his career as a beginner and can turn pro by facing various characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Level up by earning experience points in competitions, and then assign them to different attributes to develop the character.

You can also enjoy multiplayer with up to three other users, both locally and online.

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