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Maribel Guardia's niece boasts beautiful soccer player legs

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Maribel García, the beautiful niece of Maribel Guardia leaves her thousands of fans speechless again and is that she presumed that many of her fans praise her on social networks, it is her well-worked legs which she maintains thanks to football and is The girl loves sports.

A photo unleashed the madness among his fans and is that Garcia appeared with a long shirt with which his legs were very exposed, so they sent all kinds of compliments to the sports driver, who every time makes his way in the show business

"What beauty and sensuality only pose", "@belagool Once I was told that angels did exist; I never wanted to believe it, until I met you. You look gorgeous", "Hello my girl from my heart you look very pretty" , they wrote to Maribel.

Remember that Garcia was part of the truck of the program Today where he had the opportunity to interact with people because the young woman is very charismatic with the public as well as her sexy aunt, who is one of the most beloved of the small screen for several years And it is that the Puerto Rican has always tried to get away from the scandals, because she prefers to recognize her talent and not gossip.

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It is worth mentioning that many would like to see the young woman dabble in soap operas, but being an actress is not to Maribel's liking, who prefers to enter the sports world, because it is what fascinates the girl the most.


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