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 Marc Guggenheim promises to continue working on more surprises for Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Image of the Crisis on Infinite Earths set (2019)

Less than a month separates us from the start of the event “Crisis on Infinite Earths” in the Arrowverso, and since they finished filming the episodes of each series dedicated to the event, images with new surprises coming from the set have stopped coming.

There are still many weeks to make revelations, but there are also many days ahead to continue working on the crossover. This has been revealed Marc Guggenheim, the writer and producer who plays a leading role in the creative section of the event. In an impromptu Twitter event of questions and answers, Guggenheim has ensured that they are still doing some filming related to the event, advancing that there is still many more surprises to be revealed That fans don't wait for us.

When asked about any kind of detail for Flash or Iris West fans, Guggenheim revealed that “Iris recruits the seventh Paragon”. In this eighth season of "Arrow" We have heard the Monitor with a voiceover explaining that the idea that human beings are created equally is a fallacy. He goes on to explain that some rise above and are heroes, and that even among the heroes there are those who climb even higher. The highest echelon of heroes is known as Paragon, and they are the only hope of all creation.

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It is not exactly clear who these Paragons are, although given some of the clues we have, it seems that Green Arrow and Flash could be among them.

We closed with the publication made by a fan after assuring himself that he could have spoken with the actor Tom welling in the Wizard World Austin. When asked about his participation in the event, it seems that the actor would have revealed that (SPOILER: select the text to see it) "He shot one day, a scene for Crisis" (FIN SPOILER). For now, this information must be treated with caution.

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