'Malasaña 32' conquers the public on its first weekend

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Last weekend it premiered in cinemas in our country 'Malasaña 32', Warner Bros.’s new commitment to homeland terror. Although we were able to interview its director, Albert Pintó, and we played with his cast to our Test of Terror, today we woke up with great news for lovers of the genre, and the film seems to have worked great on his weekend opening.

The film has obtained the best opening of a Spanish horror film since 2017, with a total of 147,000 spectators This is great news for Spanish horror lovers, who did not enjoy a blockbuster since the great 'Verónica', by Paco Plaza.

In the film, we see how Manolo and Candela (Marcos and Segura) settle in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña in full transition, with his three children and grandfather Fermín. They leave the town behind in search of the prosperity that seems to offer them the capital of a country that is in full transition. But there is something that the Olmedo family does not know: in the house they have bought, they are not alone …

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The cast of the film is made up of Begoña Vargas, Beatriz Segura, Iván Marcos, Sergio Castellanos ('Plague'), José Luís de Madariaga ('Iron'), Ivan Renedo, Javier Botet ('IT', 'IT: Chapter 2'), Maria Ballesteros ('May God forgive us') and Rosa Alvarez

'Malasaña 32' is already in theaters.

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