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Makeup in Piedras the new fashion that Sofía Castro puts

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Sofía Rivera makes it clear that she is the queen of youth fashion because she appeared with a beautiful makeup with which she impacted her fans because she looks very beautiful and sophisticated as she has never lost her glamor.

But many wonder who left Angelica Rivera's daughter so beautiful, who chose that makeup to show off in the competition of Look who is dancing, where he is doing great because an excellent dancer came out since he has come so far.

Beatriz Cisneros was in charge of this work of art and has a great career and is also the founder of Creative Academy where she gives beauty tips to Instagram netizens.

In addition to specializing in bridal makeup, she has also worked with several artists such as Zuria Vega, Sandra Echeverría and even the duet Ha-Ash, making it clear that her work is very professional, because the artist loves that her clients are satisfied and beautiful .

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"Super nice, I'm your fan Beti, someday I would like to make up as beautiful as you", "I loved it", are some of the comments that Sofia received for how beautiful she looked.

It is worth mentioning that in this spring season many celebrities are experimenting with new, makeup and personal accessories to look great this 2020 so they are carefully choosing their designers and makeup artist to dazzle this year.


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