Luis Scola's decision that shakes basketball: he left Olimpia Milano and said he is evaluating his retirement

The news surprised the world of Argentine and international basketball: Luis Scola made the decision not to play more in the Euroleague or in Milan with another team and, in addition, he is considering the possibility of retiring.

The Olimpia Milano club echoed some statements by the 40-year-old basketball player and shared them on social media: “After careful consideration, I made the first decision regarding next season. I chose not to play in the Euroleague anymore, neither in Milan nor with another team. I want to thank Olimpia for giving me this opportunity, it was a fun year in which I attended a healthy environment where I felt at home. However, I have not yet decided whether to permanently withdraw from the activity or play in another competition. The final decision will take place in the coming weeks"

The owner of the team, Giorgio Armani, thanked him and said: “Luis Scola is a great champion and it was a great honor to have him on our Olympia basketball team. In his long career, he has honored sports and the human being. Values ​​in which we have always believed and during the last months have demonstrated how seriousness and dedication allow us to achieve unexpected goals. For this, I thank him, I wish him all the best and I hope to see him on the court at the next Olympics. ”

Late March, Luifa questioned his participation in the Tokyo Olympics due to the coronavirus pandemic and its postponement (they will be carried out next year). "Everything passed into the background", said before the explosion of the pandemic that mainly affected the area of ​​Milan, in Italy, where he was.

Luis Scola, the captain of the Selection (Reuters)
Luis Scola, the captain of the Selection (Reuters)
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"The situation is so great. So unique, in fact, that they asked me about the Olympics and the last thing I was thinking about was that. They told me that now there is one more year to go, and what was I going to do, the great dilemma. And I hadn't even thought about it, "said the 40-year-old power forward who participated in the Games in Athens 2004 (gold), Beijing 2008 (bronze), London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Scola had brought tranquility to the Argentine basketball team Exactly a month ago, when in a podcast with his teammate Nicolás Laprovittola he announced: “Honestly, my idea was always to play in Tokyo and I would love to do it. And if everything is fine, I can't think of any reason not to play. ” And he even joked with the Real Madrid base: "If you play, I play. Look, I answer you with a cross-question: are we going to play in Tokyo? ”.

In an attempt to unite the Argentines and set aside the political flags, Scola had also stated about the critical situation generated by COVID-19: "Today Alberto Fernández is your Ginobili, he is your Messi, he is your Maradona. We are all fans who do their best ”.


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