Luis Scola explained the real reason for his departure from Olimpo Milano and said what must happen to be in Tokyo 2020

Scola finished in the ideal quintet of the last World Cup and is key for Oveja Hernández (AP)
Scola finished in the ideal quintet of the last World Cup and is key for Oveja Hernández (AP)

Last Thursday the basketball world shook with an unexpected news. Luis Scola made the decision not to play more in the Euroleague or Olympus Milano. In addition, the possibility of retiring was open, which would distance him from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“I am an old man, I cannot spend another year flying from one side of Europe to the other and fighting under the hoop with big boys who could be my children. I get down here" That would be the words with which Luifa, that same day during a lunch, communicated to the coach Ettore Messina his decision to leave the institution.

Scola has not played officially since March 5, when his team beat Valencia as a visitor in a completely closed stadium due to the coronavirus pandemic. In that game, the Argentine contributed 11 points and 5 rebounds in almost 18 minutes.

"This was not the parting he had in mind. I was thinking of a full stadium, a great game, hugging myself with my teammates. If Valencia was my last game, it would be a bit sad. But it would be just the same: what I had to do in 25 years of my career, I already did. I am at peace with myself ”, he explained in dialogue with Corriere della Sera.

Although a few days ago he had shown positive signs during a chat with Nicolás Laprovittola, this decision cast doubt on his future. “No one could have imagined that the coronavirus would alter the world, and sport in general. He wanted to be the first basketball player in history to participate in five Olympics, but now Tokyo is a long way away. I will have to evaluate, "he said.

Luis Scola said goodbye to Olimpia Milano
Luis Scola said goodbye to Olimpia Milano

For his part, Claudio Villanueva, the basketball player's agent, in dialogue with Ucuweb I affirm that "He has offers, but he will decide whether to continue or to withdraw. It is a personal process. ”

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The only thing that is certain is that the world runner-up in Indianapolis 2002 and China 2019 will not continue in Olimpia Milano, but it did not close the door to a future in Italy. He argued that "the idea is to stay in Milano until Christmas" and that staying in the country "would be a better option than others." He also winked when commenting that he already started giving notes speaking Italian.

What does your decision depend on? “From the desire to sweat again in the gym, to fight for a ball, to take an extra shot. Right now I don't know what I'm going to do. I just know that I couldn't accept being a mid-game player. I only know two speeds: 100% or 0%. If I think I can't give 100%, then I would stop immediately. I will take a few days to think about it. " And then he added: “Basketball has given me a lot, and I have given basketball something, but the priority now is to be with my wife and children. The family is first. And my family was forced to travel the world with me, it is one of the negative aspects of my work. Now we would like to stop. "

To conclude, Scola made it clear that he had no problem with the institution and thanked Giorgio Armani, owner of the club (he had never done it with another basketball player before). "It was an honor," he said.


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