'Lucifer' could continue on Netflix beyond season 5

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'Lucifer' fans were left with a bittersweet taste when Netflix confirmed its renewal for a fifth season, as it was also announced that it would be the last. However, it seems that the streaming platform has changed its mind, since TVLine has revealed that it is in negotiations so that the series does not end there.

Apparently, Warner, producer of the series, and Netflix are currently negotiating to move forward with the series beyond the fifth season, but none of the companies wanted to comment on it. In other cases we could talk about a simple rumor, but TVLine is a very reliable source for these issues.

The most curious of all is that those responsible for the series already outlined the fifth as a farewell to the series and it remains to be seen what room for maneuver they have now. And is that the fifth season is currently in its last weeks of filming, but hey, they can always alter the end a bit, add a cliffhanger and fixed.

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We will have to wait to see what this interest of Netflix is, but what is certain is that Season 5 will consist of 16 episodes that will be broadcast in two batches of eight chapters each. Its release date is still unknown.

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