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Lucía Méndez celebrates her birthday with friends and family

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Actress Lucía Méndez, originally from León, Guanajuato, Mexico, and who is considered the top stars of soap operas in Mexico, offers a meal in Mexico City on the occasion of her birthday.

Lucía Méndez celebrates this January 27 one more year of life and every year she usually meets with her closest friends, media and family to celebrate for her life.

Through some images and videos that Mrs. Méndez places on her Instagram account, she can be happy, singing along with Mariachi and around her several friends and figures of the show.

The journalist Maxine Woodside, a friend of Lucia's years ago; Producers Carla Estrada and Magda Rodríguez and actress Andrea Escalona are some of the Mexican celebrities who celebrate with Mrs. Méndez.

Pedro Antonio, his only son, also attended Lucia's birthday party and stays by her side while she breaks a delicious giant cake.

Enjoying my celebration with family and friends, very happy and excited watching the re-release of the Strange Return of Diana Salazar, "writes Lucia in one of the images.

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And this Monday is broadcast for the first time The strange return of Diana Salazar, a soap opera that starred with resounding success almost 33 years ago. Since its transmission, this telenovela had never been transmitted again.

Beautiful pass it super, we love you a lot of success and health my Lety bella, "writes a fan, and calls her Lety because her full name is Lucía Leticia Méndez Pérez.

Blessings "," Congratulations "," From Chile: Happy Birthday and all the equipment of Radio Station FM Arica 90.9 and Tocopilla 93.7 "," Congratulations from Bolivia ", write other fans of Lucia.

During his career, Lucia has starred in soap operas such as Viviana, Vanessa, You or Nobody, Amor de nadie, Marielena and Golpe Bajo, all with resounding success during their broadcast in Mexico, the United States and other countries.


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