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Los Recoditos vocalist is attacked on the Mazatlan boardwalk

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Rafael González, the vocalist of the band Los Recoditos, was attacked by a person in the port of Mazatlan while he was recording a video, as he himself recounts through Instagram.

The singer of Los Recoditos says that he walked very quietly along the seawall of the port of Mazatlan and while trying to record some images with his video, he suddenly felt that someone hit him.

Rafael details that he was very calm recording his personal video and a man approached him to hit him on the head and he doesn't know why he attacked him.

They killed me plebes lol I don't understand what the case was, but today he sleeps in the cells. At least he earned his food in my beating friend, "writes the singer on Instagram.

In the video that Rafael places on Instagram can be seen perfectly when he sings It is nice and suddenly the man approaches to hit him hard on his head.

Rafael González is 23 years old and has been part of Los Recoditos since the beginning of 2019. The Perfect song, of this group, is sung by him.

Banda Los Recoditos is getting ready to celebrate in Mazatlan on Carnival Monday for its 30 years of experience with great guests, including Chiquis Rivera and Nacho, they have revealed it on their social networks.


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