Lorenzo Scattorin: from Sanji of ONE PIECE to Beerus of Dragon Ball Super, the 5 iconic roles

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The world of Italian voice actors is full of appreciated and largely iconic professionals. Among these there is Lorenzo Scattorin, much loved in the sector that has worked in various animated productions. He recently dedicated himself to Lupine III The First with Gerald, but one of his most famous roles is that of Sanji from ONE PIECE.

So let's see five important roles of Lorenzo Scattorin in the world of souls.

  • The first is precisely that of the ONE PIECE chef. Sanji he is now linked to his voice in Italy, having had it for almost 20 years. And not only in the television anime but also in the many animated feature films and specials that were aired.
  • At the level of animated cinematography, Scattorin has also lent itself to a historical character from the world of anime. Ken the Warrior has his voice in the latest films in the saga, from The Legend of Hokuto to The Legend of the True Savior.
  • Even the God of Destruction Beerus of Dragon Ball Super has his own voice, and this sanctioned his first important participation in the world of Akira Toriyama after a small cameo in The Origins of Myth where he gave the voice to Toma, one of Bardack's companions.
  • From one rival-rival to another, we move from Dragon Ball to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh. In the card game, as opposed to Yugi Muto, there was Seto Kaiba. The president of the Kaiba Corporation had the voice of Scattorin both in the anime and in the sequel GX, as well as in the two feature films of the saga.
  • Finally a very recent role: that of All Might in My Hero Academia. The anime, one of the most famous in recent years, has included Scattorin in the cast which has therefore given its voice to the most famous superhero in the world both in the muscular and in the skeletal versions.
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Obviously Scattorin's apparitions in the world of anime do not stop there, having also participated in Fate / stay night, Kenshin Samurai Vagabondo, Naruto and many others. Don't miss the interview with Lorenzo Scattorin on the occasion of the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

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