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 Locke & Key could have a different ending than comics

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Image of the first season of Locke and Key (2020)

The serial format adaptation of “Locke & Key”, which has been in development for quite some time until it takes shape, will reach the small screen in just a couple of weeks via Netflix. Although the comics of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez serve as the basis for the history of the series, it seems that the adaptation keeps some aces up its sleeve, distancing itself from what the famous horror and fantasy comics tell us.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, he was asked Carlton Cuse ("Lost"), executive producer of the series, if they could change the end of the horror comic to better fit the demands of Netflix viewers, and Cuse has been direct in that They have been looking for an ending that fits into a site like Netflix, without feeling limited to having to tell a specific ending.

We've spent a lot of time talking with Joe (Hill), and I think, in concert with Joe, we'll find the answer to that question, ”Cuse says. It's a great ending (that of the comics), but once again, the series moves away from the comics and becomes something (more). We want to be sure that the end works for the television series and we are not forcing an end for the sake of the end. We want the end to be something that really feels like it's the right conclusion to our story.

Recall that Cuse has also confirmed that they are already working in a second season, although Netflix has not yet given the green light to the continuation.

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Two. More. Weeks Are you ready for what’s on the other side of these doors?

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Be careful, this one can really get inside your head 👀

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