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Lizbeth shows her fans how she paid her 47 thousand pesos debt

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Tijuana.- It was through a video on his Instagram that the well-known host of the YouTube program Exposing infidels, Lizebeth Rodríguez who had a great debt with a commercial store.

The former girl Badabun explained to her followers that she had a great debt with the Coppel store since 2016, which grew larger and larger than 40 thousand pesos.

Friends, do you remember that I had told you that I owed you in Coppel for many years? Well … How long do I owe, did you tell me? Lizbeth writes on Instagram.

According to a cashier, Lizbeth owes since 2016 the amount of 47 thousand 671 pesos, something that surprises the famous model and driver.

According to a report in different media, Lizbeth wanted to negotiate with the department store but they did not allow it and she had no choice but to pay the total amount in a single exhibition.

In a video she published, she revealed that she approached the store's offices to clarify her outstanding balance because she wanted to take out a credit card but refused to be on credit bureau.


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