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Little Women, Emma Watson explains to you why in the film there is a scene reminiscent of Taylor Swift

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Between Little Women – Little Women that are coming to the cinema in the new film by Greta Gerwig there is an unexpected one and that, to be honest, is not really part of the cast: Taylor Swift. To make his name in connection with the film, which will land on the big screen on January 9, 2020, was Emma Watson, which is spinning like a pinball on the premiere red carpet. The other day, the 29-year-old actress was in New York for the official presentation and, speaking with Variety, showed how in Little Women parallels can be found with stories that belong to our present. Emma Watson, in fact, mentioned Taylor Swift about a scene in which the protagonist is Saoirse
Ronan who plays Jo March. His character tries to assert himself for get the rights, who would not like to recognize them, on one of his literary works.

Taylor Swift as Jo in Little Women for the battle for the rights to her songs

There battle in defense of copyright of Jo, protagonist of Little Women, looks a lot like what Taylor Swift has been pursuing for some time with her former record label, the Big Machine Label Group, founded by Scott Borchetta. This held the rights to his songs and sold them to Scooter Braun, creating many difficulties, because relations with him have always been strained. The last chapter of this story dates back to November 2019, when Taylor Swift revealed to his fans, also asking for their support, who would have risked not being able to perform at American Music Awards with a medley of his achievements, because Scooter Braun prevented it. The relationship between the two is very tense and that Swifty has accused of "tyrannical control".

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On that occasion Taylor Swift had also asked for the support of his other fellow artists, because the struggle to take control of what is the product of one's work and creativity is important for everyone. In the end, Swifty had obtained permission to perform the old repertoire songs for the American Music Awards 2019, the ones for which Scooter Braun holds the rights.

Emma Watson during the New York premiere of Little Women – Little Women remembered the affair and has compared Jo to Taylor Swift:

"It's about believing in yourself and knowing your value and owning your value. Right now the situation of Taylor Swift is an excellent example of someone who is young and talented, but there is someone who wants to buy his work. Having ownership of your belongings is essential. It is important because you may not know what someone will do with your things. "

And, moreover, he compared the possession of the fruit of his work with the goals you can achieve in the game of Monopoly:

"I think people underestimate ownership. Like when you play Monopoly: you make decisions and you have to get as much money as possible in the shortest time. To win in that game you have to own things."

After all, Taylor Swift also said:

"Hopefully young artists or kids with musical dreams will learn how to better protect themselves in a negotiation. You deserve to own the art you make."


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