Lionel Messi: "Soccer will never be the same"

Lionel Messi spoke about the pandemic by COVID-19
Lionel Messi spoke about the pandemic by COVID-19

The captain of the Argentine team and a benchmark for Barcelona Lionel Messi believes there will be a before and after for everyone when the pandemic of COVID-19 ends, and that nothing will ever be the same, neither will soccer.

"I think soccer, like life in general, will never be the same", noted "La Pulga" in an interview with The weekly country.

The ’10 ′ of the Catalan team is convinced that the pandemic will mark, and much, today's society: “All of us who have lived through this situation will remember what happened one way or another. In my case, with a feeling of grief and frustration for those who suffered most from the loss of their loved ones. And also with infinite thanks to all the people who fought to fight the virus from health centers. ”

Spanish football would start in June (AFP)
Spanish football would start in June (AFP)

For Messi, "Almost everyone" has "the doubt" of "how the world will be after everything that happened" and he is no exception. But what he is clear about is that many things will change from now on.

"It will be a strange situation for everyone athletes and for anyone who has to change their usual work dynamics, ”he said about what the“ new normal ”caused by the pandemic could represent.

“Soccer and sports in general are sure to be affected. On the economic side, because there are companies that are related to the world of sports that may have a more complex situation after the coronavirus. And in the professional performance part, because the return to training, competitions and what was previously done in a normal way, now it is going to have to be implanted again, but progressively ", he reflected

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Lionel Messi spoke to

Lionel Messi spoke with "El País Semanal" – .EFE / Quique García / Archive

In the same article, entitled "The future is already here: between fear and hope"Other referents from the sports world also participated, such as Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético de Madrid and Rafael Nadal.

While the Real Madrid player assured that "There will be a great distrust until they invent a vaccine" and that "the real problem is how we convince people that nothing will happen to them when they go to a stadium or a movie theater", the tennis player acknowledged that, "you have to be patient and find the medicine (… ) We cannot settle for just eternally complying with distancing measures. ”


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