Lionel Messi interrupted his vacation to have an emergency meeting with Ronald Koeman: is he leaving Barcelona?

Face to face meeting between Messi and Koeman key to the future of the Argentine (Photo: Reuters)
Face to face meeting between Messi and Koeman key to the future of the Argentine (Photo: Reuters)

“I spoke with Jorge Messi and with other agents. He told me what we all know, that there is a strong disappointment”. The phrase of the president Josep Bartomeu in the emergency interview that he gave after 8-2 to try to change the energy of the club says much more than what can be read with the naked eye. Barcelona, ​​for the first time, recognizes that there is an internal tension with Lionel Messi, its captain and symbol.

The brand new coach Ronald Koeman was on the same line and opened up to rumors that a disagreement could take the Rosario out of Blaugrana after two decades in the structures of the institution. They must act with speed to solve this bump and this is how it will be: in the next few hours there will be an emergency summit between Leo and the coach.

The 33-year-old footballer I was resting away from the noise of the city in the Pyrenees of Catalonia, located an hour by car from Barcelona. Those difficult hours are spent with his family, but also in the company of his friends and colleagues Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez. As reported Sport and TyC Sports, interrupted those moments of tense repose to move to the city in order to learn about Koeman's project. A talk that could be defining.

"Disappointment is correctWe must do this duel, but since Sunday we are preparing for the next season. Holidays, clean head and start the season with all the strength ”, Bartomeu had insisted after blanking that he maintained a dialogue with Leo's father in which he learned of the disagreement of his franchise player. Although he tried to appease the versions of conflict: “There is no end of the cycle, because a new cycle would be without Messi, and Messi will continue. Messi is creating an era, the Messi era. And within the Messi era there are several cycles and now another begins

However, as much as the top leader tries to put out the fierce fire that broke out in his mandate, the versions of a disagreement seem to be more true than ever. Koeman himself raised the doubt in his presentation, a sign that the doors inside did not receive such a forceful response as the one that Bartomeu gave in his interview: “I don't know if I have to convince Messi. Of course he is the best player in the world and I want to have him in my team. So, for my part, I would love to work with Messi because he wins you games. If you have the performance you've always shown, I'd be thrilled if you want to stay. He still has a contract, so he's still a Barcelona player ”.

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Lionel Messi was resting in the company of the families of Luis Suárez and Jordi Alba (Photo: Reuters)
Lionel Messi was resting in the company of the families of Luis Suárez and Jordi Alba (Photo: Reuters)

Two details that are not minor throughout this board: Leo has a contract until mid-2021 and the club announced that there will be presidential elections next March. How long will the team captain delay his decision? Do the timonazos of the exits of Quique Setién and Éric Abidal influence? Will it give you a boost to know that from next year the club will have a different leadership? How much will the dialogue with Koeman impact?

Of course: nobody can say that Messi did not warn about this situation. Already in September of last year he had established his decisive position in an interview with the Catalan newspaper Sport: “I want to be at Barcelona as much as I can, do my whole career because this is my home. Nor do I want to have a long contract and stay here because I have a contract, but because I want to be physically well, play and be important and see that there is a winning project. I want to keep winning things at the club, I want to keep getting important things. The most important thing for me is to have a winning project”.

At that time, he turned several times on that subject: he clarified that the contract was handled by his father with Bartomeu and that he only transmitted his "thoughts." Which are? "I have no intention of moving anywhere but I want to keep competing and winning." Clarito.

The elimination in the quarterfinals of the Champions League with a historical slap included is a devastating blow. Messi, in his most difficult and crucial hours of his career, lives with two of the players from his most intimate circle. All three have their continuity in the club in check for different reasons. Of them, only Messi was declared "non-transferable" by Bartomeu. Neither Alba, nor Suárez. Are you leaving Blaugrana?

The Dutchman will start formal training on August 31 and hopes to have the flea. Today's talk will be essential.


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