Libya Brito returns to single television, happy and more beautiful than ever

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The actress is not closed to love, but at the moment she has no interest in having a new relationship

Now what Livia Brito She has no partner, she cuddles herself.

“I am single, happy, very happy, working hard, I feel full, I will always be smiling because life is beautiful and live too”.

The actress said she is sure that we all have a purpose in life, so she thanks God for having a beautiful family, big fans and a lot of work.

The Cuban ended her almost three-year relationship with her boyfriend, Said "The Urban Knight," and said his breakup had nothing to do with the bisexuality of his former partner.

Although it is not closed to love, the Cuban said that at the moment she has no interest in having a new relationship.

"I have to be happy to find an equal man and that we both complement each other because we do not come to find this world the half orange, we are complete oranges and we have to find another orange that is also complete", Held.

Brito heads the new production "Doctors: Life Line", where he plays the specialist Regina Villaseñor.

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"I'm happy, very happy, it's a fabulous team and I'm having an amazing time in the recordings"

"What we are doing is well done, advised with a very professional doctor named Natalia and every day she is with us to see that it is done well“, Said the actress.

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