Lewis Hamilton asked Spain to prohibit the killing of bulls and received a wave of criticism: "Do not allow torture to disguise itself as culture"

Lweis Hamilton is a vegan and animal rights advocate (Reuters)
Lweis Hamilton is a vegan and animal rights advocate (Reuters)

Lewis Hamilton He shared on Instagram his rejection of the mistreatment that bulls suffer in Spain due to what is considered a sport there and that is called bullfighting. His publication received messages of support but also criticism from various advocates of this activity that is seen as an art in the European nation.

"Don't let torture disguise itself as a culture," wrote the Formula 1 driver, about the image of a dead bull. The Briton thus encourages his followers to sign a petition for the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to stop subsidizing bullfighting schools.

"Children in Spain are taught to torture and kill bulls at the age of 14. We ask the Spanish Ministry of Education to immediately close bullfighting schools. You can help by sharing this petition ”, urges Hamilton, 35, six-time F1 champion and historical record holder of les poles’ in the premier class, with a total of 88.

Lewis Hamilton's Instagram post
Lewis Hamilton's Instagram post

His comments generated a wave of criticism from those who defend bullfighting. "Mr. Lewis Hamilton does not like bullfights. And that? Anyway, Before criticizing someone's culture, you should at least learn a little more. what are you talking about Respect. And don't let the bastards confuse you, "he replied. the bullfighter Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez.

For his part, the Minister of Culture and Sport, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes asked the British pilot to respect the Spanish tradition: “Sometimes we have to appeal to respect. I do not like anything that type of statements that are offensive, attack people who have a hobby and a positive feeling towards a practice that in our country has cultural consideration ”.

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Bullfighting is considered the
Bullfighting is considered the "art of dealing with bulls" in Spain and dates back to silos (Reuters)

Hamilton is one of the most popular athletes who fights for animal rights, he is even the only vegan Formula 1 driver and along with figures like the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic usually financially support organizations that share his values.

The Mercedes racer will aim this year for a seventh world title within three weekends, when he starts a championship with numerous postponements and cancellations due to the covid-19 pandemic, which will be launched -after announcing the first eight races of the season, all of them in Europe; and in the absence of knowing the rest of the tests that will make up the 2020 calendar – with the Austrian Grand Prix, at the Red Bull Ring of Spielberg, in Styria.


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