Leonardo responds to Zidane: "Honestly, annoying. It is not time to destabilize Mbappé"

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Mbappé's future remains uncertain. The last statements of Zidane, in which he stated that the player "He is the one who chooses his future", They haven't sat well in Paris. Leonardo, sports director of the Parisian club, has answered the Madrid coach.

"Honestly, it bothers a little, it bothers", in statements collected by RMC Sport "It is not the time to talk about dreams and all that. Stop. Mbappé is very important for us and it's not time to destabilize it ", explained.

The Brazilian's reaction comes after Zidane said in a press conference that Real Madrid "was the dream" of Mbappé. "It's the player who is going to decide his future. It's from the PSG and we'll see what happens in the future, he always said that his dream was to play at Real Madrid ", It was the coach's words.

"Mbappé did not sign for Madrid because he considered it premature"

Days before, former Monaco vice president Vadim Vasilyev said Mbappé "refused to go to Real Madrid because he considered it premature."

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"He said: 'Vadim, deep down, I feel it's too soon. I've only played for a year in my country, I'm Parisian and I don't want to leave my country like that. I want to become a great footballer. Madrid will have to wait ", Vasilyev recounted on the TV program TF1 "Telefoot".

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