LEGO Mario updates his firmware and starts calling Luigi

Following a firmware update this week, LEGO Mario ha started calling his brother Luigi, long lost, and which has yet to receive the official LEGO treatment.

As reported by Eurogamer, the images of this witty, if a bit disturbing, marketing move appeared on Twitter thanks to users like @AyliffeMakit, which show LEGO Mario waking up from a nap and calling for Luigi. IGN has confirmed that this works, and it will happen if you update the LEGO Mario firmware, let it “sleep” for about a minute, and then wake it up. At IGN it took us about 20 tries to get Luigi’s call, So don’t give up!

In a clever, if a bit haunting bit of marketing, LEGO Mario is now calling out for his long-lost brother Luigi, who has yet to get the LEGO treatment! Looks like the Year of Luigi is back! (But in all reality LEGO Luigi should be announced soon!) @NintendoAmerica @LEGO_Group

– Adam Bankhurst (@AdamBankhurst) April 16, 2021

Responding to a Facebook comment on a video about this update, LEGO said: “That’s a very creative way to find your missing brother. We noticed that LEGO Mario has started calling him, we are investigating it and hope we can clarify why is it still early. Pay attention!”.

This seems to confirm that Luigi will be joining Mario soon in LEGO form. Since its debut in 2020, LEGO has been supporting its line Mario with new expansion sets and more. And precisely because of that, the incorporation of Luigi at some future point, would not really be a surprise.

This news comes shortly after the infamous “Mario Death Day” which marked the end of the Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary celebration. Most surprising would be that, now that Mario is out of the way, Nintendo was gearing up for the Year of Luigi. What would it look like to you?

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