Legends of Tomorrow, in the series planned two Zari at the same time? Here are the details

Waiting for the crazy sixth season of Legends of Tomorrow, the cast had the opportunity to retrace the background regarding the series and in particular the character of Zari, played by Tala Ashe.

As the fans will remember well, after the finale of the fourth season Zari was replaced in the team by her brother Behrad, as due to the temporal changes the girl had never joined the team. There “new” Zari it still found a place in subsequent episodes, but now we discover that the authors had taken it into consideration the idea of ​​including both versions of the character in the same timeline.

There was a moment during the writing where we wondered ‘Should we keep both versions forever?‘ Do you remember? Then we really got into this discussion and you said ‘So we’re going to drive the crew crazy!’ “, showrunner Phil Klemmer said, addressing Tala Ashe herself during a panel for the DC FanDome.

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Indeed manage two characters played by the same actor it is always a big deal for the cameramen, for the actors and for all the professionals involved. Not that this was unthinkable for the actress: “I was ready to do it, but yes, I didn’t want the crew or any of you to hate me“.

Eventually the authors opted for a less complicated solution. If you wait for the new episodes, here are the first previews of Sara Lance’s fate.


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