Left 4 Dead 2: 10 years later The Last Stand arrives, here is the trailer

About a month ago Valve announced The Last Stand, a new update of Left 4 Dead 2 that arrives ten years after the launch of the video game. The update was developed by fans with the approval of the company and in the past few hours a trailer has been released showing the most important contents of the DLC.

A community of fans is still active on the title servers and the developers themselves have recently thanked the fans for the positive reception that has always been reserved for Left 4 Dead 2. According to Valve, The Last Stand is a dedicated expansion. to this part of particularly passionate fans. Watching the short video, we learn that they will be there 20 new maps for survival mode e unpublished weapons, like the pitchfork one of the survivors uses in the video. But it doesn’t stop there: the patch will improve the animations of the characters and will implement changes to improve the PvP sector of the title.

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The Last Stand is expected on September 24 and it will be a DLC entirely free. If you are among the players who have loved the title in the past, The Last Stand could be a good opportunity to return once again to the apocalypse and thin out the ranks of the undead.


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