LeBron James: "I Wouldn't Be Able To Take A Close In The NBA Without Finishing The Season"

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Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James has acknowledged that don't know if he would be able to take a close in the NBA, and not finish a season in which the Los Angeles team was shining and had serious options to fight for the title, which would be their fourth ring in seventeen seasons.

"I don't know if I would be able to assume a close in the NBA without having the opportunity to finish the season before, " opined in a video conference with US media.

James, in the fourth week without competition, believes that once the coronavirus pandemic is "under control" should "resume the season". "I feel like we are in a good position to come back and compete for a championship, do what we love again and get our fans to be proud of us," he argued.

For this reason, he does not rule out beforehand, not without discussing it before, to be able to resume the season even if it is either behind closed doors or in a single neutral setting, such as playing every game in Las Vegas to avoid so many displacements. "It has to be anywhere that allows us to be safe both on and off the court. Will there be another NBA game with people in the stands? I do not know. But really, I hope so, "he predicted.

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At the moment, he is satisfied with the season they were running, with the Lakers (49-14) being the second best team in the entire NBA, only behind the Milwaukee Bucks (53-12).

"I feel satisfaction to have been with my 'brothers' when thinking about some of the games that we won, that we lost, that we traced and of everything we've been through this season ", He assured after reiterating that he would like to finish the season on the track.

But the current situation, of sports paralysis and social confinement by COVID-19, believes that "it is not natural." "It is something that has never happened before. Some of you are older than me, you have probably never seen this happen before. You just try to have all the information day by day," he told reporters.

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