League of Legends: Riot Games announces the launch date of Season 10

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After celebrating the anniversary of the ten years of League of Legends, the high spheres of Riot Games are preparing to launch the new Season of their iconic MOBA multiplayer for PC.

Through the pages of LoL's official Twitter account, Californian developers publish two explanatory images: the first shows the "protagonist" of the next ingame phase, while the second merely announces the Season 10 launch date.

The first artwork provides precise indications on the news that will characterize the League of Legends lore during the next Season: in fact we can glimpse the Urgot silhouette, the former Noxus executioner forced to labor in the Zaun mines.

In the second sketch proposed by Riot Games, the American software house fixes for the January 10, 2020 the official start of League of Legends Season 10. MOBA fans will witness a soft reset of the competitive ranking and the ranking: during the initial stages of the new Season, the players will in fact be repositioned in a provisional ranking.

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At the end of this preparatory phase, Riot promises to rebuild the rankings based on user performance and placement achieved during the Preseason. Waiting to find out what new content awaits us for Season 10, we invite all League of Legends fans to admire this photorealistic version of the Summons' Render recreated on Unreal Engine 4.

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