League of Legends: a reality show dedicated to emerging talents is coming to Korea

The Korean division of Riot Games plans to produce a Reality show which pits the best non-professional League of Legends players in the Asian nation against each other.

At stake there will be the chance to win not only a cash prize but also the opportunity to earn the proverbial place in the sun among professionals.

The reality show (or better, the talent show) is called "LoL THE NEXT"And the format should follow the traditional programs dedicated to the emerging talents of the ever competitive Korean company. From an initial selection of one hundred players, ranked in ranked Diamond or higher, the program will subject each player to a rigorous selection process. The latter will eliminate participants at regular intervals as long as there are only ten competitors left.

LoL THE NEXT will be consisting of seven episodes. The first six episodes will cover the selection of the last five members for each team.

The last ten players remaining will be divided into two teams, followed by four professionals from the national professional league. A team will be coached by the duo Wolf (T1 player) e Pawn (player recently retired), while the second team will be coached by Pray (also retired after a fleeting adventure in the KT Rolster) and MaRin (the latter also retired after a good career divided between SK Telecom and Afreeca Freecs).

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A super final will take place during the last episode between the two teams, at LCK headquarters LoL Park. For the victorious team, the last five players will be given a "special opportunity", in addition to a part of the prize pool which corresponds to about 41,770 Euros.

The first episode will be broadcast in a few days, on August 2. If you are interested in this new export experiment, the reality show will be streamed on LCK's official YouTube and Twitch channels.

In short, the export scene of the most famous MOBA in the world continues to be talked about in one way or another and is good for the whole sector. The last discussion concerns the possibility of playing the Worlds in a "bubble", with the teams isolated from the world as will happen in a few days in the NBA.

However, if you want to know more about League of Legends, however, you can jump on Netflix. On the platform you will find an episode of 7 Days Out following the finals of the North American Spring Split of 2018 and the documentary Origins.


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