Last hours to download Into The Breach for free from Epic Games Store

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Epic Games Store has launched the 2019 Christmas Offers: in addition to discounts and coupons, the company offers 12 free games, one a day for the entire holiday period. You have time until 17:00 this afternoon (Friday 20 December) to redeem Into The Breach at no cost.

"Control powerful future mechs to defeat an alien threat. In this turn-based strategy game, created by the FTL developers, every attempt to save the world is represented by a new, randomly generated challenge."

Just add Into The Breach to your library within the time indicated to be able to use it freely and without limitations, as if it had been regularly purchased. A nice gift considering that the list price is set at 14.99 euros, certainly a good opportunity to try one of the most acclaimed independent productions in recent years.

At 17:00 this afternoon Epic will publish the second game for free, at the moment there are no precise indications about it therefore we invite you to tune in these pages, we will update you as soon as the download is available for everyone.

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