Laso: "In the Palau I do not expect anything that has not already lived"

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Pablo Laso, coach of Real Madrid, put the accent, facing the classic this Sunday with Barcelona, ​​in the need for players to understand that if "they are not prepared to compete it will be very difficult to win at the Palau".

"The first thing to understand is that It is a very demanding game and the team must be aware that it is a difficult game and away from home If we do not have that we will not be prepared to compete and if we are not prepared to compete it is very difficult to win. The team has to play very concentrated throughout the game, "Laso said.

"In the games between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​play where you play, talk only of the inside game, or the rebound or the percentage of shooting would be very little, we are talking about great teams and great players. To win a team like Barcelona you have to make a very complete match and do many things well, "added the technician.

About the atmosphere in the Palau, Laso doesn't expect anything special. "In the Palau there is always a lot of atmosphere, they will support Barcelona a lot. More atmosphere than on other occasions? It is difficult. The Palau always squeezes a lot, people are very high and it is a relatively small field. I do not expect anything that there is lived already, "he said.

It will be the third classic of the season. The previous two ended with a Madrid victory. "Every match is different, the first was a final (Super Cup), the second was a very important Euroleague match and now a regular Endesa League match. They are the same teams, but all matches are different. In quotes it is one more game of the regular League, they are matches that generate a lot of attention but are worth the same, "he said.

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"The only one who has not trained is Sergio Llull, who is low safe. Felipe Reyes knew that today the training would not end, because it is the first day he does it with the group, which is low safe, and from there the rest of the players are available and we will decide who plays, "he said.

What is clear is that Madrid comes after a hard but positive month of December in terms of results. "Our month of December has been good in general, people say it more for the victories and defeats, but I don't see it like that as a coach and I think the team has room for improvement"he pointed out.

The team comes to get an important victory in Athens against Panathinaikos. "Against Panahinaikos we played a good game, in the defensive line of the last clashes. We were solid in the rebound, which allowed us to control the pace of the game. The team understood the game perfectly and in that sense if I ended up satisfied, "Pablo Laso finished.

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