Lady Gaga proposes marriage to herself and becomes the true Valentine's hero

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  • Lady Gaga has surprised her fans with a hopeful and liberating message in which she proposes marriage to herself.
  • Who is Michael Polansky, the artist's handsome and forced boyfriend?

    This Friday social networks were flooded with eternal promises and cloying messages of love that showed what we already knew from previous years: people get very intense on Valentine's Day – especially if they have an internet connection. Thus, the resigned single people of the world who maintain this status voluntarily took refuge in the shade and opened the largest ice cream tub we found in the freezer. Until it appeared Lady Gaga to save our day and mark the discourse of the day, some words that deserve to be framed.

    The singer shared with her millions of fans a snapshot of her carrying a ring belonging to the firm Klarna. A XXL jewelry model that literally occupied his entire middle finger, a finger that is used precisely to claim comb, coincidence? We do not believe it. This is the message that accompanied the photo:

    “Do you know that there is an old tradition that states that only on February 29 of each leap year are women allowed to ask men to marry? It's 2020 and anyone from any person with their gender identity can ask whoever and whenever they want to marry! ”

    And so, without further ado, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – yes, this is her real name – she asked marriage to herself through statements to the press:

    “In an act that defies this ancient tradition, I have decided to give myself the ring. I use this ring today with pride to remind both the rest and myself that the only permission you need to love comes from within yourself. ”

    Without a doubt, the best and most inspiring message for those of us who plan to spend this day wrapped up watching Netflix. But without that jewel hanging from our finger, of course, a ring that by the way is worth € 1,142, interested? This is the purchase link. Happy Valentine's Day Free Love Day!

    By the way, if you've been wanting to see more ‘pedruscos’, these are the most stunning request rings of the ‘celebrities’.

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