Kyoto Animation: local residents pay homage to one of the victims

Last year, the Kyoto Animation she was the victim of a terrible fire that took the lives of dozens of animators. The culprit of this inhuman event has finally been captured, and will likely receive a sentence commensurate with his crime, but this will not bring the lives of the professionals of the animation studio back.

However, the locals adjacent to the buildings of Kyoto Animation, they honored one of the missing animators – Yuki Amora – showing his works of art within a wheat field.

It seems that the animator cultivated artistic ambitions since the university period, during which he made a splendid book of illustrations. The residents of the place have chosen to pay homage to the artist through one of the final representations of the artbook, which can be admired until August this year, in memory of his incredible talent.

You can take a look at this beautiful initiative through the movie present at the bottom of the article. Fans from all over the world have shown their full support for Japanese study, giving donations and infinite moral support through the main social platforms.

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It will still be quite some time before Kyoto Animation can reappear on the market, and certainly has not benefited the impact of Coronavirus, a further deterrent for its rehabilitation process. We are confident and confident that in the coming months, the study will finally find a condition of balance.

Kyoto Animation is expressed following the arrest of the suspect. Kyoto Animation will take some time before it can return to full speed.


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