KyoAni: the culprit will undergo a psychiatric examination

On July 18, a tragedy struck Kyoto Animation. One of the buildings of the historic animation house in the old Japanese capital caught fire and several people died from the fire that ensued. The arsonist was then triggered by an arsonist who was later captured by the Japanese police.

After spending several months in the hospital, the culprit Shinji Aoba has been detained by the police since May 27. As confirmed by the Mainichi Shinbun newspaper and the Kyoto district attorney's office, the man will undergo a psychiatric report during the next month and from which new information and orders on the case will come.

The suspect's psychological situation will be kept under review until 10 September to understand if his mental state is the factor that made him make this crazy gesture. At the moment, Aoba is in prison in Osaka and psychiatric evaluations will take place in the city of Kansai.

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In September, once the evaluation is completed, the prosecutor will decide if Aoba is mentally healthy and therefore punishable for the crimes he has committed or if other paths are to be taken. Kyoto Animation is recovering from the tragedy, also thanks to the continuous national and international donations, but it will inevitably take time to return to its former state.


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