Kojima Productions: Hideo Kojima working on the concept of the next game

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About a month and a half has passed since the release of Death Stranding, but Hideo Kojima he does not seem to be willing to slow down his work rate.

The game director has not yet revealed anything official about the possible identity of the next game that will be produced in the studios of Kojima Productions. Despite this, some statements have not failed to arouse the curiosity of the public. After suggesting a possible newfound interest in the horror genre, the father of Metal Gear saga returns to publish another enigmatic chirping.

From the pages of his official Twitter account, Hideo Kojima has in fact shared a shot that captures his own workstation at the studios of the software house author of Death Stranding. While a completely white page dominates the framed screen, the text accompanying the image reads: "At work on the next concept while nobody is in the office". Unfortunately, the concise statement offers no foothold for assumptions about the identity of the project: what do you hope it could be?

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Over the past few weeks, other Tweets, posted by cast members of Death Stranding, sparked speculation related to a new IP project. The first to unleash the imagination of the fans was the director Nicolas Winding Refn, who promised a "return" from Heartman.

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