Kojima Productions closes its offices after the positive in coronavirus of one of its employees

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Today, confinement measures have been tightened in our country, in relation to which jobs are or are not essential. And it is probably a good way to avoid more infections. Unfortunately, these continue to occur in non-medical work settings.

Especially by people who test positive now, but who were no longer working since they had symptoms. Today, we have met such a case at Kojima Productions, the studio that created Death stranding and which is directed by Hideo Kojima.

The news has been released by the study itself, through its official Twitter account. And in the publication (which you can see below), they confirm that one of their workers has tested positive for COVID-19. In addition, they accompany the publication with an official press release. In this they confirm that they have decided to close the offices to guarantee the safety of the rest of the workers. Below you can read the full statement.

"KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS has learned today that an employee
The study was positive for COVID-19.
The employee has been home since March 20 and, as such, has not entered the office since then.
During that time, the employee underwent a PCR test, which has now given a positive result. We are working closely with public health authorities and we have been informed that, because the employee has not been in the office since he has symptoms, the rest of the employees are not considered 'close contacts', which means that they are not closing the office is mandatory. However, we have independently decided to enact the following
precautions to safeguard the health and well-being of all our employees, as well as all of our

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  • Temporarily close the office floor
  • Disinfect all office facilities
  • All work staff will now work remotely
  • Monitor and support the health status of all staff.

KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS will continue to work closely with our public health authorities and will enact additional precautions as necessary to prevent further spread in any way possible. ".

Without a doubt, an important gesture on the part of the studio. Since, at the slightest risk, it is important that the health of all workers be ahead. And even more considering the possibility of continuing to advance projects through telework.

In any case, the statement has not commented on how they will work from now on. Probably due to the secrecy of his next project, which could be in a very early development phase.

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