Kirstie Alley, what happened to the star of Listen Who Speaks?

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Kirstie Alley was one of the best known faces of the cinema of the 90s: launched by the sit-com Cin Cin in 1987, ours arrived within a few years to success also on the big screen, thanks above all to the series of Look Who's Talking.

The films with John Travolta and the unforgettable newborn voiced by Bruce Willis (Paolo Villaggio, for us Italian spectators) represented the definitive consecration for an actress who, until a few years earlier, had known more pains than joys between the death of her mother, divorce from her first husband and difficulty in finding engagements.

Senti Chi Parla followed other important roles, such as the one in Harry's Pieces by Woody Allen in 1997; but what has become of Kirstie Alley in these last years? Ours is far from the spotlight since 2016, the year in which he took part in the TV series Scream Queens; before then we had seen her one last time on the big screen in Accidental Love (2015).

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Previously ours had faced with great irony the weight problems resulting from post-divorce stress: Fat Actress it was a successful series conceived by Alley herself to tell lightly her attempts to lose a few pounds. As far as cinema is concerned, however, very few appearances from the 2000s onwards (let's talk about just two movies shot in the new millennium). While waiting to see Kirstie in some noteworthy role, however, some time ago there was talk of a possible reboot of Senti Chi Parla.

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