Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory: new details on RPG elements

After having revealed numerous details on the game modes of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, the rhythm game returns to be talked about in an interview with Masanobu Suzui, co-director of the game, with VentureBeat.

Masanobu explained in detail which ones elements of RPG will be implemented in the title and how they will affect the experience. First of all, there will be a progression system that will allow us to do advance level the various characters in the game, which will be enhanced with a greater amount of HP and of power attack, a fundamental element to face the challenges that the game will offer us: “[…] with more HP available it will be less likely to incur a game over and with more attack power the fights against enemies will be faster“said the director. But that’s not all: in Melody of Memories you can use special papers, able to provide powerful support skills for the characters, and in the missions you will be able to recover useful materials to unlock new songs or create items for the enhancement of the party.

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Masanobu then specified that the plot will be central also in Melody of Memory with the mode World Tour, which will see players travel between Disney worlds with the Gummi Ship: “[…] you will follow the story of the first Kingdom Hearts by revisiting the key moments during your journey. Between the various phases of the game you can also view several clips of past events, all narrated by Kairi“.

We take this opportunity to remind you that Tetsuya Nomura confirmed the existence of a new chapter of Kingdom Hearts.


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