Kingdom Hearts: Kairi comes to life in the cosplay of the Italian Eugenia Haruno

In the 2000s, a video game arrived on PlayStation 2 that mixed the Disney world with that of Final Fantasy but with a completely new setting and protagonists: it was Kingdom Hearts, destined to become a work of worship. Over time the franchise has expanded dramatically until the final episode published last year.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has indeed closed a circle for the main characters we have known over the past few years. Sora, Kairi, Riku and the others then greeted us, perhaps temporarily or perhaps definitively, but the fact remains that they will always remain in the hearts of the fans. And this is demonstrated by the fact that in the fandom there are still realizations on these characters.

There Italian cosplayer Eugenia Haruno Bellomo, also known as Soryu Geggy, has created a cosplay dedicated to Kairi. In the photo below we see her wearing the clothes of Kairi of Kingdom Hearts 2, then with the white top under a pink dress with a zipper and other accessories. Obviously the cosplayer gives a much more mature look to the Kingdom Hearts girl. You like this version of Kairi?

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Fans of the world of Kingdom Hearts must remain with their eyes open anyway since in the last days on a logo of the mysterious Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.


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