Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: the gameplay video anticipates the arrival on mobile systems

With the official announcement of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory also comes the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, the spin-off for mobile systems of the iconic role-playing adventure of Sora, Pippo and Donald.

The new experience linked to Kingdom Hearts Union X will update the content offer of the mobile application with different activities to complete to discover new details on Xehanort's history and past.

The gameplay trailer of Dark Road confirms the nature of this project based on intense battles to be faced within scenarios veined with strategy and mechanics typical of Card Game. In the title there will also be an album to complete to acquire new powers and expand the range of options available to your alter-ego.

The owners of the Keyblade who will attendarrival of Maleficent in Daybreak Town they will also be able to test themselves in specific multiplayer missions for up to six players. Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be released on iOS, Android and Amazon smartphones and tablets end of month, considering that the launch of the Japanese version is scheduled for June 22.

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