Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: Nomura had wanted to tell the story of Xehanort for a long time

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From today, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is finally available as an update of Kingdom Hearts Union X, a game for Android and iOS devices.

In this new adventure, players have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of Master Xehanort as a young man in the distant land of Scala ad Caelum, and find out how he managed to transform himself from a Keyblade hero to a scholar of Darkness. Apparently, Tetsuya Nomura had been hoping to tell this story for quite some time, but he never succeeded: "I had this concept in my head for several years. In the past it was shelved because it never met the team's favor. But then I found out that the Union X team wanted to create a parallel title with a new protagonist. And since since there seem to be an unexpected large number of Xehanort fans out there, it turned out to be fate. I tend to believe in fate.

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"What kind of people did you meet? What do you think? Where is it direct?". Xehanort dedicated his existence to darkness, but now Nomura wants players to find out the path that led him there. What do you think about it? We take this opportunity to point out that among our pages you will find a guide on how to redeem the free daily rewards of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

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