Kingdom Hearts Dark Road delays its premiere

The premiere of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road for mobile devices is no longer located in the current spring. Square Enix has released a statement explaining that the current situation has led them to delay the premiere, so the pandemic would have somehow affected their plans.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is a mobile spin-off announced in January with a spring premiere. The official account of the game on Twitter published a statement in which an apology for the delay can be read and where the study claims to be “looking for ways to get a spring premiere”, so you can deduce that there is no new launch window fixed.

What has been promised is an announcement for June related to this game. We assume it won’t be the release date, so it could be some kind of trailer, special event, or anything else.

Among the details revealed about the game in February, you could see some screenshots and it was pointed out that this is a game “exhilarating with frenetic battles that rely on reflexes”

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Originally we met this game as Project Xehanort and it will coexist with the popular Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] as an independent experience. Players will learn about Villain Xehanort’s past and discover why he became a servant of darkness.

Although it won’t be necessary to play Union χ [Cross] to enjoy Dark Road, the studio recommends playing both for some benefits. “The more complete your medal album is in KHUX the more points you can get to exchange for cards in KHDR during battles” can be read in a February publication.

At the moment it is all that the millions of Kingdom Hearts followers around the world can grab, as there is no news about a new main installment at the moment.


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